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Step into a prehistoric world of excitement with our Dino Blast Birthday Party Deluxe Kit! This all-in-one party kit is perfect for little dinosaur enthusiasts. It includes everything you need to transform your celebration into a dino-mite adventure. The kit features 9-inch Dino Blast dinner plates and 7-inch dessert plates adorned with roaring dinosaurs, making mealtime an exciting experience. Accompany your delicious treats with Dino Blast cups and matching luncheon napkins.

To set the stage for your dinosaur-themed party, the kit includes a Dino Blast table cover, creating the perfect backdrop for your decorations. You’ll also receive a complete set of cutlery with forks and spoons. With the Dino Blast Birthday Party Kit, you’ll have all the essentials to host an unforgettable prehistoric party for your little one and their friends. Let the adventure begin!

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