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Item Description

Add a touch of sparkle to your party with Foil Party Cone Hats from Party Direct. This pack of 5 hats comes in assorted vibrant colors, ensuring each guest can enjoy their own dazzling accessory. Crafted from high-quality foil, these cone hats are both lightweight and durable, making them comfortable to wear throughout your celebration. Their shimmering finish catches the light, adding an extra element of excitement to any festive occasion. Ideal for birthdays, New Year’s Eve parties, or any special gathering, these cone hats feature a classic design with an elastic band for a secure fit. They’re perfect for guests of all ages, bringing a festive spirit and making every moment more memorable. Make your next party shine with Foil Party Cone Hats from Party Direct – because every celebration deserves a touch of brightness and cheer!

Item Details

  • Festive Foil Hats in Assorted Colors
  • 5 Hats / PACK