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The Magic Coloring Book Royal is a captivating and enchanting addition to any magical performance. This extraordinary coloring book appears to be filled with blank pages, but with a wave of the magician’s hand, the pages come to life with black-outlined pictures. Audience participation takes the magic a step further, as the magician magically colors these pictures, transforming them into vibrant works of art. And for the grand finale, all the pages revert to their original blank state! This Royal Magic Coloring Book stands out as the finest on the market, allowing seamless transitions from blank to outlined to fully colored pages. It’s a remarkably easy trick to perform – if you can flip through a book, you can astound your audience with this enchanting illusion. Bring the magic of art to life with the Magic Coloring Book Royal!

Item Details

  • Magic Coloring Book Royal
  • A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures – by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled in the black and white pictures! For a fitting finale, all the pages change back to their original state – blank!
  • The Royal Magic Coloring book is the finest on the market. Changes from blank pages to outlined pages to colored drawings are made with the greatest of ease. If you can flip through a book, you can perform this astonishing trick!
  • Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 1 inches