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Prepare for an epic gathering with our Marvel Avengers Party Kit! This all-in-one party kit is designed for young fans of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Featuring 9-inch Marvel Avengers dinner plates and 7-inch dessert plates adorned with iconic superhero images, this kit ensures that your mealtime is a heroic affair. Complement your snacks with Marvel Avengers cups and matching luncheon napkins.

The kit includes a Marvel Avengers table cover, setting the stage for a super-powered celebration. You’ll also receive a complete set of cutlery with forks and spoons, ensuring a dining experience worthy of a superhero. With the Marvel Avengers Party Kit, you’ll create a thrilling and memorable celebration where your child and their friends can join forces with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and more. Get ready for a superhero showdown that’s out of this world!