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Item Description

Dive into a sea of excitement with our Shark Party Balloon Kit – the perfect way to transform your celebration into an underwater adventure! This captivating kit is designed to bring the awe-inspiring world of sharks to life, creating a visually striking and immersive atmosphere for your party. At the heart of the kit is a giant shark-shaped balloon, featuring realistic details and vibrant colors that make it the star of the underwater show. This eye-catching centerpiece sets the tone for a shark-themed celebration that will have guests of all ages thrilled. Complementing the main shark balloon are additional balloons featuring oceanic elements like waves, fish, and seaweed, enhancing the underwater ambiance. Crafted from high-quality materials, these balloons are designed for long-lasting inflation, ensuring that the shark party remains a focal point throughout your event. Bring the mystery and excitement of the deep blue sea to your celebration with our Shark Party Balloon Kit – where every balloon tells a tale of underwater wonder and adventure!

Please Note: Attendees must arrange for balloon inflation prior to the event, ensuring a seamless setup for an underwater experience.

Item Details

  • Large Shark Mylar Balloon
  • 2 – 12″ Latex Grey Shark Balloons
  • 2 – 12″ Latex Blue Balloons
  • 2 – 12″ Latex Teal Balloons
  • 2 – Red Star Mylar Balloons
  • Red Ribbon
  • Blue Balloon weight